The Impact Of Military Engagements On The Peace, Economy And Political Stability Throughout Southeast Asia Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to persuade and demonstrate that ongoing Military engagements are direct contributors to the peace, economy and political stability throughout Southeast Asia.
The History and Economic Relationships After the Spanish-American war a series of opportunities brought a lot of regional players and foreign powers to the Philippines, the United States took the position that Spain once had. The Unites States saw the Philippines islands as a strategic place that would open commerce and trade to the far east Asia from the beginning and their stance did not change after their surrender. After World War II (WWII) most countries in Southeast Asia became independent. Most countries in the region share a business and trade relationship which is in favor of their individual and collective growth, while some others share problems with migration, limited resources and political vitality. For some time, the United States have been a key influencer of stability providing military presence and advising countries throughout southeast Asia to maintain territorial and economic integrity. After the independence of a few countries in Indochina, countries with India and China influences located in the same continental area, the Vietnam War began with the communist North Vietnam attempt to conquer the south. By the end of the war in 1975 neighbor countries of Laos and Cambodia were also governed by communists. During this era the Southeast was struggling for trade

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