The Impact Of Music On Secondary Education

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Some of the most significant problems facing parents, teachers, and students is the impact of music on secondary education. Parents and teachers alike, are continuously trying to cut the ties between secondary students and the influences of “bad” music during the school day. More research is being done on this topic to educate students, parents, and teachers. One of the main reasons secondary students are still influenced by music during the school day is because of the lack of research. Studies are continuously being made on this subject. In “Lost in Translation: An Enculturation Effect in Music Memory Performance”, researchers and students at the University of California, with the help of their professors, took participants who spoke English or Turkish and played music in their native tongue/ language while they read a book to see if the participants remember the music played or the book read (Demorest, Steven M., et al.). After the study, the author states “The results suggest that our cognitive schemata for musical information are culturally derived”. In conclusion the participants remembered the music in their native tongue/ language rather than the novel they were reading. As studies like these continue, students will become more educated on the impact of music on their secondary education and their ancestors . “Music plays an important role in culture and is a strong influence on today's youth” (White,2007). In “This Is Your Brain on Music: the Science of a Human

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