The Impact Of New Media On Politics

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The impact of new media on politics in America

There is no question that over the years various forms of media have been instrumental tools for politics in this country. In the earliest years of this nation’s politics, the number of politically sponsored newspapers was significant. Later radio came into being and it saw its first uses in politics to cover such things as the election race between Warren G. Harding and James M. Cox in 1920 (Bardes). In the 1950s, television saw its first uses in politics during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s campaign for President. Since those humble beginnings, television has advanced to become the dominant form of media used in politics today. For the last 170 years these three forms of media have been the accepted podiums for politicians seeking to be elected, or to address the people. With the coming of personal computers and the internet we are experiencing rapid advances in media that are already revolutionizing the way politicians get their messages out to the people. The earliest of the new forms of media affecting politics today is the website. Today the idea of having a website for a politician seems basic, but 15 years ago only a handful of politicians actually used their websites for more than a basic introduction to who they were. In 2000, Senator John McCain changed the way politicians thought about the internet by raising over half a million dollars in campaign funding online in 24 hours after winning the republican primary

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