The Impact Of Ordo Virtutum On The Formation And Development Of Liturgical Drama?

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The Impact of Ordo Virtutum on the Formation and Development of Liturgical Drama Thesis: The Liturgical Drama Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard of Bingen was fundamental in the creation and development of later works, providing religious inspiration, unique and expressive composition, and reflections of individual experiences in order to create the first liturgical drama of its kind. I. Ordo Virtutum depicts an allegorical struggle between good and evil, setting a precedent for later liturgical dramas. A. Hildegard of Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum is considered the first of its kind, revolutionizing the subject matter of liturgical dramas. 1. Liturgical dramas composed after Ordo Virtutum mainly contained sacred subject matter regarding biblical …show more content…

2. The piece ends with a celebration of the virtues, a commemoration of the triumph of the righteous over the influence of the devil. II. The unique composition of Ordo Virtutum is indicative of Hildegard of Bingen’s efforts to depict the drama as an expression of praise, glory, and righteousness. A. The verse and tone of Ordo Virtutum contributes to the overarching theme of holiness and righteousness within the piece. 1. Ordo Virtutum is written in Latin from the twelfth-century that is praised its revolutionary nature and differentiation from all other sacred poetry during this time. 2. Ordo Virtutum has a modal formulaic structure that works by an alternating solo and choral response, which is considered to be distinct to Hildegard’s compositions. B. Hildegard utilizes techniques of singing and shouting to emphasize various characteristics in Ordo Virtutum. 1. The Devil is not given any singing lines, rather, is directed to shout his lines. Given the idea that music is the imitation of divine harmony, the Devil should take no part in music. 2. The Devil intervenes within the scenes of light and purity by shouting his threats. By using such extreme differences in vocal technique, the essential message of the morality play is shown here. C. The conclusion of Ordo Virtutum consists of a period of praise and glory, demonstrating Hildegard of Bingen’s ideal vision of devotion to righteousness. 1. Half of the published score is dedicated to the conclusion,

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