The Impact Of Organizational Culture On The Lincoln Electric Company

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Through my reading about LINCOLN ELECTRIC COMPANY I can see that organizational culture played an important important role in success of this company. All main elements that form Oranizational culture represented in THE LINCOLN ELECTRIC COMPANY, that what made this company prospered and thrived in its activity through the applying The P-O-L-C Framework effectively. I can discern the aspects of influence of oraganizational culture in manging this company towards higher levels in output through the following the principal elements that Organizational culture includes.

- Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that helps individuals understand which behaviors are and are not appropriate within an organization. Cultures can be a source of competitive advantage for organizations. Strong organizational cultures can be an organizing as well as a controlling mechanism for organizations. And finally, organizational culture consists of three levels: assumptions that are below the surface, values, and artifacts.

- Culture is largely invisible to individuals just as the sea is invisible to the fish swimming in it. Even though it affects all employee behaviors, thinking, and behavioral patterns, individuals tend to become more aware of their organization’s culture when they have the opportunity to compare it to other organizations.
-An organization’s culture may be one of its strongest assets or its biggest liability. In fact, it has been argued

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