The Impact Of Outsourcing On Our Field

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“Most: (Hendrickson, R. M., Lane, J. E., Harris, J. T., & Dorman, R. H. (2013) states an increasingly important factor in our field is the use of outsourcing. There is literally no function that cannot be outsourced from laborer, to equipment technician, to staff personnel, to management

I believe higher education has a problem with this, but I totally agree with this. In a previous life, I was a manager at IBM, and we did outsourcing. Our primary job was to go into an environment and we would take over the responsibility of operating customers systems which included, systems, personnel, and even some management responsibilities. This really allows a company to save money because you don’t have to pay salaries, benefits, and you can also reduce your costs. In higher education, what I have seen is not wanting to reduce, but to allow processes, people, and work to exist that should have been eliminated. More universities are even outsourcing the services for new residence halls.

What was something you Agree/Apply with in the reading?

“Agree: (Hendrickson, R. M., Lane, J. E., Harris, J. T., & Dorman, R. H. (2013) states in open systems the stability of the organization is dependent on its ability to obtain adequate resources from its external environment.”

Most state institutions receive funding from the state and federal government. Institutions also receive funds through grant projects, partnerships, and their foundations. I believe that state institutions

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