The Impact Of Social Media On The Nascar Driver

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The nascar driver I chose is dale earnhardt jr. His sponsors include Nationwide, Mountain Dew, and Chevrolet. Nationwide is the official insurance company for Nascar. Since Earnhardt is one of the top of the line Nascar drivers, Mountain Dew and Chevrolet invested in him because people specifically fans will see him on ads and will buy their product. Dale Earnhardt jr. has qualified for the Chase for the nascar Sprint cup 8 times. He is the only third generation nascar driver. Nba I think that the NBA’s popularity will continue because of how expanded it had gotten. The NBA is popular across the world. The NBA has reached out to places like China and Africa. The NBA is still not done growing. This past season they even got a player from India. I mean the NBA will remain popular forever. …show more content…

The invention of social media has been a big reason why the NBA has expanded so much. People across the universe is on social media and even people overseas has social media. It really helped the NBA in being a diverse game as a whole and not just a few nationalities. So i do think that social has made a huge impact on their

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