The Impact Of Technology On Classrooms On Schools

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Effectiveness of Technology in Classrooms Schools are being encouraged to use more technology in their classrooms, but is technology helping with the advancement of education and learning, or is it causing a problem instead? Technology has become an important part of the education system and is changing the way students are learning. Although, books are still used, they are rapidly being replaced by e-books or online books which are more available and can be viewed at any time. Technology allows students to access assignments and notes from cell phones, laptops or any smart device. With the upcoming digital future schools are attempting to help prepare students in order to help them thrive in future jobs. Students are being taught how to …show more content…

In fact, group discussion can be improved between students since they are able to find responses at the moment they are asked the question. According to a study by IT Trade Association CompTIA just released this month, around seventy-five percent of educators think that technology has a positive impact in the education process. All students have different ways in which they learn information, some find it easier to learn by a professor 's instruction than others. On the other hand, there are students that require further instruction than the hours they receive at school and technology allows them to do so. Technological advances have made it easier for students to learn what they need when they need it, allowing students to do research from any location. Students now have an option to learn outside of school hours, not only can they receive instruction from their professors but from online sources as well. As stated by the U.S Department of Education, "The strategy of blending online learning with school based instruction is often utilized to accommodate students ' diverse learning styles and to enable them to work before or after school in ways that are not possible with full time conventional classroom instruction". The use of online learning has created a significant change in the way students can now receive an education. Education systems are making use of technology by providing students with more options that

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