The Impact Of Technology On Education

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Technology is advancing in everyday life and is starting to make its way to the education field. Teaching students how to read has always been one of the school's main focus. Students have always learned to read out of textbooks, but now that technology is growing, schools are starting to use e-books and different online software depending on the class type. Because of the growth in technology in school, students need to be taught how to read and comprehend books and online books at a young age. Technology being in the hands of students everyday is causing them to come to class with short attention spans. This short attention span is easily managed by parents because they can hand their children a tablet and they will be occupied for hours. Though because of this in the classroom teachers are struggling to grab the students attention. Jennifer Walstra says that “ Students are really starting to have a short attention span because they do not have a screen in front of their face all the time”. Matt Richtel, the author of “Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say,” also shares a result of a survey from the Common Sense project, and it states that out of 685 teachers, 71% of them believe that the technology is hurting the students attention span. The entertainment that comes with new software catch the attention of students and that's all they think about throughout the day. I have gone through this in own life, where I became almost addicted to a video

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