The Importance Of Technology In Education

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When implemented technology properly, the tech can produce substantial gains in student achievement and increase engagement among students most at risk. Replacing teachers with technology is not a successful formula. Instead, strong gains in achievement occur by pairing technology with classroom teachers who provide real-time support and encouragement to underserved students. Technology has made a positive difference in the learning outcomes of students at risk of failing courses and dropping out.
When given access to appropriate technology used in thoughtful ways, all students regardless of their respective backgrounds can make substantial gains in learning and technological readiness
New technology presented in the classroom (especially at the middle school level) must include proper professional development opportunities for teachers on how to use the technology and implement the applications with students.
I hope my justifications are appropriate to meet the requirements of the instructional strategies required for responsible teaching in the 21st Century.
Tech Tool Instructional Strategy Basis (From Table 2) Justification for use
Annotation Tool (pushed to students through One Note) 1. Direct Instruction of content – Teach and reinforce how to use specific tech skills; enhance, deepen, and enrich learning experience; Use digital representations and informative displays.
2. Research and Exploration – Promote creativity; conduct internet research. The activity of
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