Privacy In The Workplace Essay

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Workplace Privacy

Technology is being substantially developed in the past decades. The law always had difficulty keeping pace with new issues and technology and the few laws that has been passed are usually very general and vague. The main theme of this paper is to point out the effect of technology on privacy in the workplace. We must comprehend privacy before trying to protect it. Based on the book of Ethical Gift of Fire, privacy has three pieces: freedom from intrusion, control of information about one's self, and freedom from surveillance
The intention here is not just invading someone’s privacy at work, it is to protect his or her rights from being stolen. How, you might ask? Well, I work in Starwood company at the Sheraton to be precise and it did not have any cameras observing the place until recently. My cow-workers and I had a lot of issues regarding of the low security. Since we talked about privacy in class in the middle of the semester, that is where it hit me. Why don’t I gather up my co-workers and decide to go in and convince the HR and the higher managers to provide a better privacy for us. We did just that, I spent about 20 hours in the past 2 months going around, sometimes by myself, talking to employees about the importance of this matter and how we all should do something about it. At first, not all the employees were cooperative, but as soon as they saw a few including me with the passion to make our workplace safer, they decided to join in too. Now,

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