The Impact Of The Catholic Reformation

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The Catholic Reformation was initiated after the Protestant Reformation as a way to resolve the problems within the church. The Catholic Church started to lose many followers because people began to convert to Lutheranism or Calvinism. Already, parts of Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, and parts of eastern Europe separated from Rome. Without, the revenue that these countries provided the pope would not have enough money to support the construction of new buildings. In addition, the separation amongst religious beliefs divided Europe. Therefore, the Catholic Church began to adjust medieval Catholicism, so that it would conform with new conditions. The Catholic Reformation was successful in the aspect that it lead the way for further reform within the Catholic Church. During the Catholic Reformation, reform within the church and religious revivals were the main focus. The revival of religious orders was beneficial to the reform of Catholicism because they assisted in spreading the Gospel. Earlier religious orders such as, the Benedictines and Dominicans were restored and renewed. In the same manner, new orders emerged as well. They were called, The Capuchins, The Theatines, and The Ursulines, these orders helped the common people in different ways. As these religious orders formed relationships with the people they were also, spreading Catholicism. One of the most notable religious orders was, The Society of Jesus. People in The Society of Jesus

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