The Impact Of The Cheyenne Tribe

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The Cheyenne tribe was affected the most out all of the Indian tribes. They endured a lot of pain and suffering during the westward expansion. Westward expansion had a negative effect to the Indian tribes. The United States almost wiped out all the Indians in America. Cheyenne’s was pushed around for a long time before they started to rebel. “Even a small mouse has anger.” When the Cheyenne start to rebel they went into war. This became a turn in events to the Cheyenne tribe. Cheyenne tribe lived in South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska and many more places. They were called the great plains warriors. They were dressed in deer and buffalo skin. The women were in charged to make the clothes this, includes the costumes of the ceremony. Serval …show more content…

This made the Indians rebel against the whites even more. The Indians was asked to move to an off reservation this resulted into violence. The years to come was called the Indian wars. The first big battle was called Powder River. On June 25, 1876 the American army was trying to round up all the northern Cheyenne and the Lakota tribes and try to put them on a reservation. This leads to a battle which the army commander was killed who was Lt. col. George Custer. This made the Americans outraged. Five months after the battle the army attacked their camp, which had 1,200 Indians. this was the biggest impact to the Cheyenne tribe. If that wasn’t enough the American army was killing the buffalos to start to eliminate the Indians food source. Many of the Indians died because of this. the biggest impact on all the Indian tribes was the battle of Little Bighorn. This was the greatest battle and win for the native americans. Over 262 soldiers died with, only 63 Indian soldiers died. After the battle the american army forced 1,000 Indians onto a reservation. Most of them died along the way there because of malaria and different type of illness. Some of the Indians tried to run away and go back to Montana but most of them was caught and killed on the spot. Little wolf and some of his companies was the only ones that made it back to Montana. These were

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