The Impact Of The Dutch Influence On Indonesia

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The Dutch Empire’s first influence on Indonesia is on their thoughts both intellectually and horridly. According to a documentary by Kate Humble, the VOC, a Dutch owned trading organization, took a lot of the Banda Islands’, a group of islands located in the eastern side of Indonesia, land, valuables, and hope when they settled there. They murdered their chiefs and turned their land into VOC buildings. This lead them to have horrific thoughts. Humble mentioned that even mentioning VOC to the people of Banda, will flashed their minds to this horror. So, this means that the people of Indonesia still remember the Dutch’s legacy and it is not in a good way. They still remember when Jan Peiterszoon Coen invaded their island and took everything away from them. Coen destroyed…show more content…
The Dutch mainly ruined more than helping it though. According to, the Dutch used the VOC to overrun multiple Indonesian communities, mainly Banda Islands’ communities, and take their valuables with them. They also murdered the Indonesian tribal chiefs to show the people to not mess with the VOC or the penalty will be deadly. This ruined multiple communities as they have no leaders to lead them from this situation. When the leaders are gone, the citizens of the tribes easily fall because they have no one to lead them. Also, according to Adi Sudirman’s book about Indonesian history, the Dutch and the VOC used sneaky ways to trick the Indonesians to trust them and easily take their land, valuables, and communities. They took the monopolies of multiple Indonesian commodities so that they can decide the price and their value. This means that the VOC took over commodities in Indonesia so that they can do their own bidding with its monopolies. The VOC used strategies that are very sneaky and cause their victims to easily lose the fight. Unfortunately, there are no good side of this influential actions the VOC
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