The Impact Of The Easter Rising In Ireland

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The Easter Rising is commonly regarded as one of Ireland’s most patriotic moments, similar to the United State’s Revolutionary War. This rebellion was the result of decades of nationalism and a group of independence seeking Irishmen seeing an opportunity with England being tied up in the First World War. They were not going to let this chance pass, and they orchestrated a very secretive plan with many different moving parts, relying almost entirely upon receiving weapons from Germany and catching the English off-guard. While some counties played a more active role than others, each county contributed to the rising in its own unique way. County Wicklow is not known for its active involvement in the conflict during the rebellion, however there were several people who had a significant impact on the rising. County Wicklow is located just south of County Dublin. It has a population just over 60,000, eighty percent of which are Roman Catholic. It earned the nickname, Garden of Ireland for its large and beautiful mountain ranges and trails throughout the mountains. This also offered the county locals an advantage, by being the home of the largest mountain range in the island, nationalist groups like Sinn Fein are able to go on campouts throughout the mountain for private discussions, as well as hide smuggled goods and keep wanted people out of custody. Wicklow also borders St. George’s Channel with several port cities and towns giving easy access to foreign nations. These ports

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