The Impact Of The Manchu Invasion Of China

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One might wonder what life was like in China 300 years ago? Or even think about the aspects of life just 100 years ago? Others ponder the history of China, and how the country came to be. The Manchus, and their invasion of China played an enormous role in all of these thoughts. The Manchu invasion of China during the 17th century, was an extremely significant event in Chinese history, that left important impacts on China. It also helped to influence culture for years to come.
The Manchu people were a, “federation of various tribes living in what is today China’s provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang”who belonged to the Tungus branch of the Atlantic people (Theobald, “The Manchus”). The Manchus replaced the Ming Dynasty in China after the decline of the Ming in 1644.
The Ming Dynasty ruled China from 1368 until the dynasty commenced deterioration. By the beginning of the 1600s, the Ming began to lose power due to “threats from Barbarians on all sides, political in-fighting,” rebellions, and poor loyalty in the military (Ryder). Likewise, the spread of violence in China contributed to the collapse of the Ming Dynasty (Zarrow). In the year 1644, the Chinese rebels overthrew the dynasty (Williams). At this time, the Ming emperor committed suicide as the rebel armies invaded Beijing (Zarrow). After the rebels overthrew the Ming, the Manchu people stepped in to try and gain power.
The Manchus were able to establish clear power due to their strong “discipline, unity,
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