The Impact On The Industrial Revolution

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Before Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492, the main known land was known as Afroeurasia. Civilization has come a long way since the beginning of human existence. What has been done in the past has affected our lives in more ways then we can count. Everything that happened before 1492 such as farming, written language, inventions and philosophy had a huge impact on everything that led up to 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. To begin with, the Agricultural Revolution made the biggest impact on the chain of events that happened after it. In the Agricultural Revolution, farming was invented. Plants and animals also became domesticated. This led to the growth of urban centers. This is one of the many things that PERSIA applies to. When farming was invented, civilizations were built since people didn’t have to move around as much. Political parties were formed, economic beliefs were incorporated into the early civilizations by goods and services. Religious beliefs were already there, but they were being spread since civilizations were growing. Social classes were starting to be put into place in civilizations since people needed a leader. Intellectual is incorporated into this because people came up with farming and expressed it in many ways, and lastly, artistic styles developed in the way things were planted, pieces of art were exchanged for food, etc. Next, in early Mesopotamia, there was a type of script called Cuneiform. It is said
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