The Industrial Revolution and Its Lasting Affects

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The Industrial Revolution made a huge impact on Europe in the 19th century. Cities in Great Britain were growing rapidly, this was known as urbanization. Many cities such as Glasgow and Berlin more than doubled in size due to urbanization. The Industrial Revolution had a big positive affect on Great Britain. Many things happened during the Industrial Revolution that caused many lasting effects.
From the production of people into cities looking for work, things were so out of order that there was no order in the cities. Unsanitary and unsafe buildings were being built all over the city to house all of the workers. These buildings were known as tenements that they lived in. There were less than adequate education and police protection for the ever-growing population. Many people had to live in shelters due to the lack of housing; many families lived in a single room. Many people died of cholera from the poor living and working conditions. The main goal that factory owners wanted was to keep their production a constant, working for the better part of a day. They came up with interchangeable parts (identical components that could be used in place of one another) that helped with the proletariats (working class). Since the owners wanted to save as much money as possible, the factories (places that brought together workers and machines to produce large quantities of goods) were rarely cleaned or well lit. Also Assembly lines (another method of production, workers on an

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