The Impact of Colour on Consumer Buying Decision

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Title : ‘The Impact of Colour on Consumer Buying Decision’ Abstract This paper describes a study in the Marketing Psychological Influences on the Buying Decision Process. Especially how colour can make influence in the Consumer Buying Decision. Colour can dramatically affect moods, feelings and emotions. It is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood and cause psychological reactions. Building on Grice’s (1975)theory of “conventional implicature”, the consumers react favourably to unusual colours or flavour names (e.g., blue haze or Alpine Snow) because they are essentially assuming that the market convey some useful information. Specifically, since consumers cannot interpret the literal meaning of…show more content…
It seems hard to believe that colours have an impact on human body and mind. However, scientists know colours can influence human/people body’s psychology and mental states. In a study by Wohlfarth and Sam, the colour environment of 14 handicapped children was altered resulting in a measurable change in blood pressure and a decrease in aggressive behaviour. The science of colours has been used by market researchers to determine how best to apply this knowledge to influence customers perceptions of business. The power of colours stimulates the human/people nervous system and evokes emotional states. The colours of humans environment travels through human eyes to brain causing hormonal releases. But forget the science, what does the meaning of colours do for business? The meaning of Colours and Business The meaning of colours varies depending on one’s culture, race, gender, and even age. So, it isn’t just the selection of colours in general but also which colours to use with the target customer. For instance, white is often associated with weddings and evokes the feelings of innocence and holy. In Eastern cultures, white signifies death. An exporter of white wedding gowns to China would go broke in no time. Colours can be combined to signify meaning to a culture. In the western world, green and red are associated with Christmas, while black and orange represent Halloween. Several large brand name companies are associated with their
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