The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson Essay

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The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

Impeachment, in the United States and Great Britain proceeding by a legislature for the

removal of office of a public official charged with misconduct in office. Impeachment

compromises both the act of formulating the accusation and the resulting trial of charges; it is

frequently but mistakenly taken to mean removal from office of an accused official. An

impeachment trial may result in an acquittal or in a verdict of guilty. The U.S. Constitution, in

Article 1, Section 3 , provides for the impeachment of public federal officials and gives precise

directions for conducting impeachment. The House of Representatives initiates impeachment

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With the help of

his wife Johnson improved his reading and learned writing and arithmetic. In 1829 Johnson ram

successfully for alderman on a platform that appealed to Greenville’s working class. In 1834 he

was elected mayor of Greenville. Johnson then served in the Tennessee House of Rep.

from 1835 to 1837 and from 1839 to 1843, when he was elected to the state senate. In 1843,

Johnson became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, the lower chamber of congress

where he served until 1853. In Congress he was a champion of the poor . He felt a kinship with

the working people and small farmers, and disliked people of wealth or privilege.

In June 1864 the Republicans met in Baltimore, Maryland, and renominated Lincoln. To

reward the Southerners who had remained loyal to the Union, Johnson was nominated to be vice

president, since Johnson was a War Democrat. In November the Lincoln -Johnson was elected.

Lincoln was assasinated only six weeks after Johnson was sworn in as vice president. Angry

at the assassination Johnson was at first inclined to be vindictive in his treatment of the

Confederate leaders, who also represented the privileged class that he hated. His attitude

towards the Confederacy won him the approval of the militant wing of the Republican Party

(Radical Republicans). However , to the surprise of the Radicals, Johnson

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