The Implementation And Dispute Settlement Mechanisms Essay

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Secondly, a financial mechanism and a commitment by certain developed country parties to provide financial resources for meeting certain incremental costs and adaption measures. Also, two subsidiary bodies to the Conference of the Parties. In addition, a number of important guiding principles. Lastly, potentially innovative implementation and dispute settlement mechanisms. The UNFCCC is only concerned with climate change caused by human activity. Necessarily this means the convention has to deal with anthropogenic emissions of GHGs. In other words, those gases that have a radioactive effect in the atmosphere. The paramount objective of the agreement is to stabilize GHG atmospheric concentrations at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. Avoiding dangerous interference is therefore the key benchmark for all action, commitments and programmes agreed under the convention and its auspices. Determining what is dangerous is left to political judgements made in light of scientific findings, economic and societal concerns. Thus advocacy for action to conserve coral reefs need to cover all these areas, and not just the troubling responses of reefs to increased GHG concentrations. Thereafter the convention establishes general principles that are to shape expectations of the parties and direct their action towards meeting the objective. These include inter-generational equity, common but differentiated responsibility, the right of

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