The Implementation Of Organizational Strategies

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My action research question is, how will the implementation of organizational strategies impact student independence in a high school special education classroom? I was hoping that through the use of organizational strategies, that the students in a special education setting would gain independence, such as starting and finishing assignments independently, turning assignments in on time, and aware of upcoming assessments in order to better prepare them for life after high school. At the start of the school year, I had the students in my social skills course take a survey to get an idea of their opinion on organization and how they currently stay organized. I implemented a daily organizational check through Google forms that students filled out daily once arriving to class. Since the action research was geared towards student independence, I interviewed students once at the middle of the grading period as well as at the end. Along with that, I also collected data from their general education teachers to get an idea of their independence in the mainstream setting. At the conclusion of the action research cycle, I had the students complete the survey again to compare results.
The data collection tools that I used included Student Survey (pre and post), Teacher Survey, Interviews, and Individual Student Files. The students filled out a pre and post survey regarding their personal organizational skills through Google forms. The results of the survey provided a

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