The Implementation Of The Prub Model

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The most important learning outcome perceived from this course so far is that accurate process development and professional leadership is at the center of the dynamic of project management practice.
This analysis bases itself on examples taken from an organization that has a well structured and clear defined program and project management process. Despite being well structured well but has its bits of bureaucracy, can be very complicated to understand and extremely difficult to be followed.
In the context it had been conceived and implemented, i.e., to manage the IT Projects that for the majority are developed in-house, most of the time it …show more content…

There is a clear consensus among the parts affected by it that there is a need to change, but for some reason they find themselves caught in a sort of "Social Conformity" as explained by Solomon Asch in his "Studies of independence and conformity" (Asch, 1956). The purpose of his study was to try to explain the reasons why a person change behaviour and sometimes beliefs so that he can fit in with a group. In his experiments he demonstrated that only 25% of people never conformed with others.
In some cases, from a brief and informal conversation with some senior executives it comes out that because of the success of some projects that are considered benchmarks and become case studies for many renowned experts, the process must be good. Even when the evidences prove, it wrong they keep defending it, regardless. It is easy to conclude that because some projects are very successful when managed by a standardized process it will fit all and will always produce the same results.
However, investigating the reasons why no one has the initiative to promote these changes could be the topic for a completely different research.
Instead, the purpose of this research 's exercise is to try to identify a few reasons why the IT Division of such a big and successful organisation, keep putting efforts and resources into managing programs that lead to the development of projects that are, in some cases, prematurely

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