The Implementation Phase Of The Project

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The implementation phase of the project includes Lewin’s second stage, Moving. Yonder-Wise (2015) states that the arranged and strategic interventions and strategies are implemented to support the execution of the change ( p. 308). This second segment is compared to Lippitt, Watson, and Westley steps four, five, and six. These phases include selecting the change objective, deciding the appropriate roles for the change agent, as well as preserving the change (Mitchell, 2013). This nurse made the appropriate arrangements needed with the office manager to print the educational tools for the nurses. The ink and paper used was provided by funds from the education department. Theses were then added to a folder at both of …show more content…

Each nurse on staff verbalized that their confidence level increased post employee training. Many also commented on the new tool implemented in regards to the ease of use and helpfulness. The long-term goal of noting a lower BMI for the client and the client or guardian verbalizing a positive increase in moods emotionally and socially, was not as successful as the short-term goal. This was related to the amount of clients whom did not return to the office for weight checks as well as incompliancy in return calls from the families.
The long –term goal may be better met in the future as this project of change continues within the office. Making revisions in the plan for a more accurate and successful way of tracking patient progress would enhance this system. This level of success will be measured by observation and surveys of the patient and the family upon returning or calling the clinic.
Plans for Stabilization The final stage of implementing a change process according to Lewins, is refreezing. During this stage the change is continued and supported within the specific environment. The final stage according to Lippitt, Watson, and Westley, is phase seven, dismissal of the relationship that is aiding the change. The change is now successfully and permanently established during the final stages of change. The nursing staff at Purcell Medical Center was

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