A Nurse Residency Program For New Nursing

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Introduction The publication from the institute of medicine has garnered much interest since its publication in 2010 focusing on the future of nursing and the implementation of this with in the nursing community. The nursing profession has over 3 million members and is the largest segment of the nation’s health care workforce. Working on the front lines of patient care, nurses can play a vital role in helping realize the objectives set forth in the 2010 IOM (Institute of Medicine). One of the recommendations is that of a nurse residency program for new nurses or nurses transitioning into new clinical practice areas. The area I work in is home health and this is a growth area the need for a residency program cannot be over stated home…show more content…
He theorized a three-stage model of change known as unfreezing-change-refreeze model that requires prior learning to be rejected and replaced. Lewin 's definition of behavior in this model is "a dynamic balance of forces working in opposing directions." Implementing a change in practice within these environments can produce anxiety or fear of failure in nurses, leading to a resistance to change. Several studies (Bozak, 2003; Lehman, 2008; Spetz, Burgess & Phibbs, 2012) expounded the need for a concise plan and clear communication between nurses and management when implementing a change of this nature. The use of Lewin’s Change Management theory can support nurses through the transitions and identify areas of strengths and resistances prior to implementing change. Without a framework for guidance, it can be difficult to keep on track. As the demand for home visits from nurses increases its necessities a need to prevent avoidable hospitalizations, it is critical to attract and prepare more nurses for roles in home care. The residency program would have input from the California Association for Health Services Home and the Infusion Nurse Society. • Providing newly graduate registered nurses support and experiences to become competent home care nurses • Providing current Option care nurses opportunities to increase their skills in clinical teaching and become preceptors for residency nurses • Providing resources
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