The Importance Of A Better Care System For The Modern Age Of E Health Within The Online Medical And Public Domains

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HIPPA REQUIRED BY LAW Instructor: Laura Aagesen By Charles H Price Jr 04/18/2015 HIPPA REQUIRED BY LAW. Attention: all management staff and employees recently the corporate office contacted our offices in regards to CEO Chief Executive Officer Beranger, ”HIPAA Health Information Portability and Accountability Act information request, she is requesting research information from us on the topic. Her plans include moving the health care organization toward the modern age of e-health within the online medical and public domains on the web. The goal is within reach of building sustained longevity within hippa guidelines and federal regulations to meet this request we must start from the beginning of healthcare …show more content…

For Americans living within the newly founded country, and the states it held within; congress gave the people their first surgeon general. Who in turn began a massive network of medical facilities hence the beginning of medical record keeping? Tracking illness and or recording them from patient who-were seamen who traveled the world and came home with strange new illnesses. (2015, Understanding Modern medical laws like HIPPA regulations can often leave patients and staff members a little confused if not properly trained to understand the new laws. The days of denials by insurance companies and their over-priced policies are nearly over thanks to the new Obama care programs the president has signed into law. Changing the way Americans do medical business and practices. Security and Privacy Rules? defining the objectives of the HIPAA and or, the new laws and the new requirements Obama care and HIPPA Have been put into place can be quite confusing even for senior staff so we are putting together this document to make you more aware of the topics and meet the required information for CEO Beranger . Tired of the old medical system in place The United States tired of the old medical system to protect patient information efforts where attempted to correct the issues of false or deliberate theft within medical claims. Attempts where made to protect patient information, but over the

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