The Importance Of A Career As A Nurse

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The career is chose is nursing, I chose this career because I love helping people, I am avid about making sure people are getting everything they need, making sure they get all of their medication so they can get better and can live a healthy life, Being a nurse you will record patients medical history and symptoms, administer patients’ medicines and treatments, operate and monitor medical equipment, explain what they do when going home. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills, talents needed salary and benefits offered and the duties for particular career when making this decision, with my help they could burgeon and get better. Being a nursing there are many places I could work but the place I would be wanting to work is a hospital. I would rather work in a hospital which would be in a big city because then I would always have someone to take care of and sometimes that means I would be working 24 hour days. My daily routine as a nurse would be to get patients medication to them make sure the patient's’ symptoms have not changed. If a patient is about to go into surgery, I would help get them prepared to go into the operating room. I would make sure to get the patient's’ vitals and to make sure they are feeling okay, or ask any garrulous questions like “did you feel sick over night?” or “were you in any pain or did anything change over night?” In every state the pay will average different, people with higher education or people with more
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