The Importance Of A Community

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Name: Callum Hutchinson Age:13 In game name: CallumOg soon to be CallumOG Do you have twitch or youtube channel:no have u previously been banned: no do u have a head set: no i just wear headphones with a mic What languages can u speak I know a little bit of Spanish. a little bit of french. My main language is English. Why do you want this rank?: I would want this rank to not only help out the community but to help out the staff. I dedicate all of my time towards the server to make a more welcoming community instead of a toxic place to be. I love to dedicate my time to a community that I have loved for many weeks. Anyways, I am a pretty active player myself, I have been working on with many communities and they do not seem to fit my …show more content…

Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban people: Hacking: I would ban the player with proof. Spamming: I will temp mute the player for around 15-30 minutes with proof of the player spamming. Racism: Perm mute the player, I would not Tolerate Racism. It should never be okay. Harassment Towards players // Staff: I will warn the player first if the player continues I will Tempmute the player. DDOS Threats: Perm ban. Doesn't matter who you are, should never be tolerated. IRL Scamming: I will get proof before a ban. I will ban or tempban the player depending on the circumstances. Advertising: Perm mute or a Perm Ban. Advertising other servers shouldn't be allowed either. Leaking personal information: whether this be on discord or on teamspeak, it should not be allowed, whether leaking the staffs or the members information, I will Perm ban the player, with proof. Tell us a little bit about yourself: My name is Callum, I go to an high school in somerset England. When I am older i really want to be a football player or a f1 driver but in my spare time i will come on the server and help everyone out with there feelings and if they need stuff i will give them what i can do to my best off my abilitys Why are you applying for Helper: I am applying for helper because I feel like I can help the community not in a positive way but in a more of a helpful way. I have seen many staff members in the community resign. I am the staff member that will

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