The Importance Of A Good Staff Member Relations? Essay

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In my point of view, channelizing human energies in a predetermined desirable direction is not possible unless harmonious are maintained among organizational members. Relationship among employees provides the context in which organizational roles assigned to members are performed, team spirit inculcated, expectations clarified, conflicts resolved and shared norms of behavior developed. Maintenance of harmonious relationship among employees is a necessary condition for enabling organizations to move towards excellence. Despite the significance of healthy staff member relations, there are occasions in the life of every organization when relationships are strained, particularly between the management and the individual employee. The management has certain expectations of the employees in terms of standards of behavior and performance, desirable actions and behavior which are made known to the employees through formal or informal, written or verbal means. Failure to meet these expectations or deviations from the laid down norms of behavior on the part of the employees leads to the problem of indiscipline. In such situations, the management must initiate action to ensure that an employee’s behavior is in conformity with their expectations. Likewise, the employees also have certain expectations of the management in terms of their conditions of service, working environment, satisfaction of their variety of needs, freedom of expression and operation, and equitable, just and fair
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