Patagonia Essay

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Objective of the Company
Patagonia’s objective is
To be sustainable
To make some profits while growing in the 3-5% range

Strategy / Desired Behaviors
1. Provide employees with high quality of life by making them comfortable at work and by giving them a variety of benefits
2. Provide quality of life for all living things on this planet
3. Allow all employees to participate in decision-making processes and to understand their jobs better
4. Differentiation, provide customers with quality environmental friendly products and quality customer service

Management Controls
1. Patagonia uses personnel and cultural control to apply this strategy. For personnel control, the company hires people who are as passionate about environment as Yvon. …show more content…

Even though managers need to publish the EAR as requested by the company, they have relative flexibility in their ways of doing such as goals setting and performance tracking.
3. This strategy is done through the implementation of Workbook Process. This open-book management is a tight action control, since there is strict procedure that needs to be followed. There are eleven steps in total and each one of them needs to be followed by managers in order to make the Workbook Process effective.
4. Differentiation is under loose results control. Managers are given freedom for decision-making at their department, they can decide on design of the products, marketing methods, raw materials, etc. as long as they provide high quality environmental friendly products and quality customer services. However, they have the 3-5% growth limitations that prevent them from behaving “too well”. They are rewarded for the same percentage as employees if the company makes profits.

Are the employees behaving properly?
1. Most employees are behaving properly. They know better what they are doing, making them care more about their jobs. However, some people did not understand all the needed concepts. Also, some employees do not want to participate, they are either not “numbers-oriented” or find the Process too costly in time. This makes it hard to schedule meetings and to initiate meaningful discussions.
2. Most employees are behaving properly, they closely follow the

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