The Importance Of A Healthy Child Development

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Healthy child development is very important in a child’s life. The emotional, psychological, development and social development of anybody begins during childhood. How they are brought up, the society and the environment is not healthy. Food is expensive therefore it becomes nearly impossible to eat healthy. There are no such things as fruits and vegetables or organic products because of the prices. Many teachers are untrained and the curriculum is not current, therefore the level of education is very low and a lot of children don’t finish high school. Children do not learn all the essential tools they will need for the rest of their lives when they leave the community. The skills children need to learn, to survive, to provide emotional support and psychological support are not achieved. Children do not have what others call a normal childhood as a result when they grow up and move to another community they cannot cope. Young people are terrified of leaving the reserve, says Koostachin. “They have seen others leave other young people for college but eventually return because either they couldn’t cope with education in a new place or feel insecure without their families” (Aulakh, 2012). She (Koostachin) knows the feeling. Koostachin left the reserve after Grade 10 to attend a non-aboriginal high school in New Liskeard, Ontario. Koostachin says “she did miserably there and could not wait to return to the reserve. She says most high school graduates who leave to go to college

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