The Importance Of A Hero In My Life : My Father

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A hero is someone who helps with almost everything in life. Someone who is there when you need them and there to help if anything goes wrong. It is someone who makes the pain fade away easier and makes life less miserable. The hero in my life is my father. My father is a hero because he has been in my life ever since I was born. Ever since I was little he was always there no matter what I needed or what I wanted. He has demonstrated the acts of heroism by doing more than just talking and standing around. And there are many different things my dad has done that represents the theme of doing more than standing around and talking. My father has been my hero ever since I was born. He used to be in the Navy for 21 years and when I was born he was often gone for at least 6 months or more at a time. This all happened off and on until I was four when my parents divorced. They both took care of me once they divorced but my parents had separate houses so I switched houses every week. My father learned that this built up a strong trust and a good bond between me and him. And while doing so, it made my father realize that I develop strong relationships with people and it was easy to tell once my mother and I had strong connections.
After-all, my father got a new job as an animal cop. With the new job, I realized my dad has a strong passion for animals. I could always tell at times that one day he wanted to do something more with animals. He wanted to take a step up and do something

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