The Importance Of A Nurse Driven Protocol On Nurses ' Knowledge And Cauti Rates

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Identify the need or problem you intend to solve through your capstone project
Nurses lacked knowledge in the use and was unaware of the importance of the underlying evidence- base recommended criteria’s indicated on the nurse driven protocol to remove inappropriate UC’s. A nurse driven indwelling catheter removal protocol is an evidence base tool recommended by infection control organization and experts for the early removal of unnecessary or inappropriately placed urinary catheters (UC). Evidence shows that urinary catheters are the source of catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI). CAUTI, is the leading cause of hospital acquired infections in the United States. The purpose of this evidence-based quality project is to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational intervention on the importance and use of the nurse driven protocol on nurses ' knowledge and CAUTI rates.

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For nurses, (P) on 2 South caring for patients with urinary catheters, will education, on the importance and proper use of a nurse -driven indwelling catheter removal protocol (I), change knowledge on the use of the nurse driven protocol, as compared to knowledge before receiving an education, (C), as evidenced by (O), change in knowledge in the use of the nurse -driven indwelling catheter removal protocol, and CAUTI rates as evidenced by, pre and posttest scores and CAUTI audits after three months? The project will utilize a

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