The Importance Of A Perioperative Nurse Is Patient

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Team members have little time to familiarize themselves with a patient and are only able to focus on gathering pertinent information. One of the primary points of focus for a perioperative nurse is patient safet, this is where the EMR has become invaluable. The EMR allows all members of the multidisciplinary team to access pertinent patient information at the same time; increasing patient safety by decreasing transcription errors and duplication of effort (St. Jacques & Minear, 2008). The EMR also allows the perioperative nurse to easily access patient information and communicate pertinent patient facts to other departments for transfer (Roeder, 2009). Various other patient care departments also have immediate access to surgery details, …show more content…

Rader, Edmunds, & Bishop (2015), report that when patient data is integrated and available in real time, a home care EMR has the potential to improve health care decision making and outcomes.
Computers play an integral part in gathering data as well as dissemination of that information (Roeder, 2009). The use and development of both the EMR and electronic health record (EHR) have made the concept of extracting data from patient records more feasible. Information entered into the electronic health record by HHC and OR staff can be aggregated into a single, central system such as data warehouse making it more accessible and actionable (Bercovitz, Park-Lee, & Jamoom, 2013). Data generated throughout the perioperative experience can be used to analyze patient care in a process-based approach that can help identify opportunities for improvement (St. Jacques & Minear, 2008). Reports generated from warehouse data collected throughout the perioperative experience enables identification of key process steps, productivity, procedure cost comparison, trends of surgical site infections, among others (Jacques & Minear, 2008). The ability of the computer software to generate countless categories of data allows healthcare providers to support an optimal perioperative process (Jacques & Minear, 2008). Utilization of data reports generated through the data warehouse will facilitate ongoing process improvement and fine tuning of a complex

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