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Effecting Change Information Technology: Why is the Healthcare Industry sluggish to upgrade their Hospital Information Technology Systems?

John Iskarous
Health Rights/ Responsibilities – HSM542 Prof. Gomillion
DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management
February 22, 2013

Table of Contents
Abstract 3

Background 3

Define The Problems 5

Privacy and Security Concerns 11

High Level Solution & Suggestions 13

Problem Analysis 15
Solution Implementation 17
Business Process Changes 18

Technology/Business Practices Used to Augment the Solution 21

High Level Implementation 22

Justifications 24

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This affects the delivery of healthcare in that the information needed by providers, physicians, medical staff, and the patients themselves, may not be delivered correctly, timely, and of course securely. Various systems will be discussed and each how they affect healthcare delivery, in particular Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) (also sometimes referred to as Computerized Provider Order Entry).
Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are a digital version of the paper charts in the clinician’s office. An EMR contains the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice. EMRs have advantages over paper records. For example, EMRs allow clinicians to: * Track data over time * Easily identify which patients are due for preventive screenings or checkups * Check how their patients are doing on certain parameters—such as blood pressure readings or vaccinations * Monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice (Garret and Seidman, 2011).
But the information in EMRs doesn’t travel easily out of the practice. In fact, the patient’s record might even have to be printed out and delivered by mail to specialists and other members of the care team. In that regard, EMRs are not much better than a paper record (Garret and Seidman, 2011).
Electronic Health Records (EHRs) do all those

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