The Importance Of Abortion As A Counselor

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As a professional counselor should remain value objective about controversial issues yes a counselor will advise indirectly, but not to the point where the client depend on your advice. Give the reading material and ask their comment of the script. Provided with several approaches of the controversial issues and insist their feed back and that you are learning sometime from them, and encourage more input. As a counselor we are indirectly guiding the client through controversial issues. Abortion gives the client documentation on a healthy baby and a bright future for the baby that they can provide. The counselor should be more objective and use lot of integrity, unconditional regard of the client personal views is a common challenge to the counselor. Counselor encourage client to contact (ANSIRH) , Advancing New Standards in Reproduction Health, a research group at University of California, San Francisco their mission is to conduct innovated and rigorous research on complex issues related to peoples sexual and reproductive lives. Contact information is 510-640-7367, email: Abortion is an area that a lot of support spiritually and family if available. As a counselor we remain objective and advise client to all supportive professional agencies. When abortion occurs the female has many emotional feelings and consciousness thinking. Her mind and body cells are of conflict a difficult decision to make either morn or grief but the concept is
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