The Importance Of Academic Challenges In Nursing

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One does not quite experience academic challenge like that of getting a bachelor’s degree at any other time in life. The time and trials had during college years are challenging alone. It is a time of great change in life; moving away from home, meeting a large number of new people while losing close friends of the past, and all while attempting to keep grades up to par. This statement does not fall short and in fact, is made even more challenging when attempting to graduate with a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN). Not only are the classes difficult but the student nurse has to embark on a journey of unknowns and enter a largely uncomfortable area; patient care. This aspect creates anxiety in a new student but also is intertwined in learning and embracing the essence of nursing, the art of caring. The first semester of nursing school began by taking classes such as Nutrition, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Therapeutic Communication, and Health Assessment. The act of taking 5 classes under a normal class load can seem like a daunting task but taking classes that require as much of a large amount of time studying as theses seem nearly impossible to overcome. Being that for a large majority of prior classes studying for test and practicals were nearly unnecessary this made this semester that much more difficult because not only did the new material need to be learned but also the ability to actually study and do so correctly had to be acquired. This item alone posed to

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