The Importance Of Art Education In The Classroom

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Art education is vital for not only a school, but also a classroom to be successful. Art is not a single lesson that is taught separately from the rest of the curriculum. There are many ways to incorporate it into the rest of your lessons throughout the school year. Many of the things you learn in art, including technical skills like shading and shadowing as well as other skills like creative problem solving, can be used outside of art projects. Learning art can help students learn to communicate with one another on things deeper than the surface level. Art also allows children to travel around the world without leaving the classroom. Using art can help to inspire children. Equipping students with these skills can not only develop themselves as artists but also as students in general. With funding for the arts dipping lower and lower, as in classroom teachers we must take it upon ourselves. We have the responsibility to become informed enough that we can plant seeds and help them grow in our students. Art education simply put is the teaching of art. However, it is not a simple part of education. We often times set it aside to be taught in a special class or for a certain time of the year. Now though, because of budget cuts to many art departments, we do not have those options. The responsibility to teach art now rests upon the classroom teacher. To make it most meaningful to children, art should be taught in relevant ways that connect to other areas of the

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