The Importance Of Behavior Analysis: Criminal Justice

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I am applying to your Behavior Analysis: Criminal Justice post masters for the summer of 2017. After earning my undergraduate degree in Social Work in 2013 from Millersville University, I have worked over 3 years as a TSS (therapeutic staff support). This field is in direct relation to ABA, as it encourages changed behavior through interventions. I’m a natural born person observer and listener. I am known to say that I have 1 mouth and 2 ears so I can listen twice as much as I speak. After attending college, I was able to channel my natural talents into a meaningful career and now working doesn’t feel like work. Helping those that are unable to help themselves is one of my aspirations. With my undergraduate degree I have a range of different …show more content…

In my current work position, I have obtained an abundance of intricate details people struggle with daily, that may never have affected me directly, but being a TSS has allowed me to live in that moment with them. Learning to grow from their experiences has enhanced mine and has enabled me to want to start the next chapter of my life. It is my belief that having a MSCJ concentration in ABA degree will expand on what it is I already do and strive to help people in their everyday lives. A few of my colleagues introduced me to ABA while attending a work meeting, they spoke about what ABA entailed and how rewarding it is. During this time I had not decided what I wanted to go back to school for but I knew I wanted to advance in my career. St Joe’s has been a familiar name to me since I was 5 years old and attending Gompers elementary school, which is down the street from the beautiful campus. Gompers gave the young students field trips to St. Joe, encouraging us to attend one day. The reputation still stands that St. Joe’s is the best university to further your education. Fortunately, St Joe’s has an online master’s degree program in ABA that fits perfectly with my

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