The Importance Of Being A Hero

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The most important and impactful part of being a hero is essentially doing heroic things. A heroic action, in this case, would be qualified as an act that benefits others more than yourself and is characterized as having a generally upstanding moral motive. In this respect, Dr. Manhattan would be the most successful hero because not only does he end a war, but he is also the reason that nuclear war was postponed for so long (Moore, Gibbons 130). Just having a godlike “hero” present that could stop nuclear conflict at any time was enough to keep countries from annihilating all humans. From this logic, Dr. Manhattan saved the most lives for the longest period of time therefore doing the most good. This outweighs his lack of empathy and compassion. Regardless of how he feels about people, he still believes they have the capability of doing good and he protects them. Similarly, Ozymandias also takes part in preventing nuclear war. However, he does this in what is essentially the most evil way: by killing millions (Moore, Gibbons 401). He thinks he is doing what is right, but he is responsible for upholding values rather than revolutionizing the world. Killing millions of innocent citizens, by most people’s standards, immoral and unjust, and therefore Veidt is not acting entirely as a hero. Furthermore, it cannot be ignored that by making this sacrifice, Veidt saved more than he killed. When referring to villainous personalities, a common and determining factor is not valuing

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