The Importance Of Being A Moderator

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MineCraft in game name: SAW009
Age: 19
Country of Residence: US
Short bio about yourself: I am 19 years old. I am in college and live on campus. I spend all of my free time playing Minecraft.
What other games do you play? I play some Pokemon on the Ds.
When did you join MineCove? September 6 2016
How long do you think you're going to be active on MineCove? I will be playing on MineCove for however long it is up. SO I hope I will be playing forever.
How many hours can you devote to MineCove a week? I should be able to devote at less 25-28 hours each week.
What time are you usually on? (EST) Each day will be around my school schedule but Mondays Wednesday and Friday i will be on from 8am-930am then back on from 1230pm-2pm then back on from 4pm-12am …show more content…

I want to be able to help people on the server more.
Past experience being a moderator (If any): I do not have any past experience of being a moderator but i am a fast learner.
What do think you can add to the staff team? I would add a new look on staff. I think i could help staff out a lot because I have noticed that i am on when no one else from staff is on.
Are you friends with any of the people currently on the staff team? Yes i am friends with Ivyrose33 and ThetenthNixion. I have talked to both of them to try and learn more about what i need to know about being a staff member.
Do you have a mic and a Skype account? Yes i have a mic and a

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