The Importance Of Being A Teacher Requires Knowledge

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Being a teacher requires knowledge in a variety of areas; not only about the subjects you are teaching, but also the setting you are in and the students you are teaching. The environment in which students are learning can impact students in many ways. The school setting will also impact the instructional decisions made by the teacher. Through my internship, I have seen a plethora of ways that students are impacted in educational settings and how teachers can play for this. I am at Dennis Lab School in Decatur, IL for my internship. Dennis Lab School has grades ranging from pre-school to eighth grade. I observed in a self-contained fourth grade classroom with the teacher Mrs. Phillips. The school is organized based on grade level. There …show more content…

They had to create a Google Slides presentation to go along with their project. They worked on typing their descriptions on the computer and printing them. The students at Dennis have access to a variety of different technologies. The classroom I am in has an electronic whiteboard, iPads, and access to Macbooks. This allows for more integration of technology within the classroom. Students are working with using Google Classroom, Google Docs, and Google Slides. They are also learning about how to properly conduct research using the internet. Technology plays a large role in the classroom. This is related to the 21st century skills that they are helping students gain. This affects teaching decisions because Mrs. Phillips has to think of ways to include technology in the lessons. For example, I was working with several students on their Project Based Learning project. They had to create a slideshow of their project. When they were doing this, it was clear that they were very familiar with how to use the iPad. At Dennis Lab School, about 18% of students have a recognized disability. The class I am in has 27 students. Two of those students were held back a grade. Three of the students have an IEP. Each of them have the IEP for reading and written language. The teacher believes that at least one of the students belongs in a Gifted Education program, but none are currently in a program. None of the students

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