The Importance Of Being Influenced By Jane Goodall

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It is common for people to feel that they were influenced by the surroundings. The process of being influenced is the way people shape their values. Otherwise, people will hold only one singular value, which is dangerous to their mental health. Through directly or indirectly influences under the immediate environment, people learn to adjust their moods, which is the key leading to happiness. Jane Goodall in “In the Forests of Gombe” shares her experience in the forest. When she stayed with chimpanzees, she feels peaceful. The natural environment helps her to get out of the sadness of her husbands (Derek) death. The days in the forest made Goodall believe that religion and science are not mutually exclusive. Alain de Botton in “On Habit” discusses a traveling mindset, which means that people are more likely to accept and respect new things during traveling. However, when they back home, they lost this traveling mindset, so they feel their lives are boring. Such traveling mindset teaches people to always explore their lives and use different views to see their surroundings. Both authors talk about how their psyches are related to the environment. Goodall focuses on how the environment affects her mental status, while de Botton tells different mindsets can change people’s views toward the environment. Our immediate environment and our mental well-being are related to each other. People can adopt a traveling mindset to explore the environment in a different way and the change of…

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