The Importance Of Books In My Life

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When I was a little girl, my mom always used to read me stories before bed. As I listened, a whole world was opened up in my mind. I have never really been one to be imaginative, but it felt as though I could paint a beautiful picture all on my own that no one could see. In my essay, I am going to talk about how reading has impacted my life and how important books are to me. I am going to be talking about an item that is very near and dear to my heart, and I think that it represents me as a person. I am going to focus a little bit more on the importance of books and how they have shaped my life, and that is why I think I identify with books so well. The first book that I have ever read by myself was The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning when I was in the third grade. The first page was so intriguing that I could not put it down. This book has forever made me a reader. Books have been in my life since the day I was born, between my mother being in the school district for many years and my grandfather who just adored books. My grandfather and I would go to the library together and check out books, and I always came home with a stack of books. I did not watch television. All I did was read. I really started to understand the importance of books. In order for you to get to know me a little bit better, I will tell you why I think I identify myself with books, the importance of them, and how they have shaped my life and who I am. I, like a book, contain a lot of

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