The Importance Of Cemetery In Poe's Short Stories

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Gothic literature has been around since the late eighteenth century, displaying a horror impression to its readers. During this time of popular Gothic literature the genre was all around the world, but Gothic literature took a new turn when one man decided to take a chance with it. This man was Edgar A. Poe. Poe was one of the great contributions to Gothic literature in the late nineteenth century, writing his poems and short stories that brought his readers to have an awed response. Particularly found in Poe’s short stories is cemetery, this pressures the feeling of a final resting place. A final resting place does not have to be in an actual cemetery presay. A cemetery could be found in a cellar, like the cellar in “The Cask of Amontillado”. …show more content…

But sometimes cemetery can be taken as a place of putting a loved one who has died. In Poe’s short story “The Black Cat” he takes that appearance of cemetery and gives it a new meaning, not just a resting place but a place to get rid of a body. Poe’s narrator has just killed his wife after she tried to stop him from killing the pet cat. After the narrator has killed her, he finds himself in a panic to get rid of the body so he “displaced the bricks at this point, insert the corpse, and wall the whole up as before, so that no eye could detect anything suspicious”(Black Cat 4). The narrator that Poe has created has now found a way to get find a new function of a cemetery but has kept the same …show more content…

In “The Black Cat” the narrator kills his pet cat by hanging it from a tree after getting very angry at the cat, after the cat is killed the cat makes an appearance back when the narrator goes off to his bed chamber and finds there to be a cat in the hallway. He knows it is the cat that he had recently killed because “There was a rope upon the animal's neck”(Black Cat 2). The cat then makes more reappearances throughout the story to haunt the narrator for what he has done to the cat. Edgar A. Poe was one of America's greatest gothic writers. He contributed in many different ways to the writing community. Poe had many creations that still give his readers chills today making his gothic horrors a classic read. Because of Poe’s great works we can now say today that he has been the greatest American gothic writers of his

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