The Importance Of Censorship

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Imagine a world without censorship. The world we live in today would be 10 times worse if we did not have censorship. Censorship protects our freedom of speech, government information, and bad influences. Censorship is a necessary regulation in today's society for many reasons such as in keeping our world safe from sensitive information. First off some information from the government should not be secured for our safety. Such as invasions from terrorist should be told to citizens for their safety. Citizens should be aware of information from the government. Information such as the JFK assassination should have been told to the citizens earlier in time. Things like that should be told to citizens because they could have been searching for …show more content…

Protesters should protest for whatever they are fighting for but they should also get people to understand why they feel that way. Getting people to understand why they feel that way about that topic is super important because citizens want to know why you are protesting against your topic. In the source “Reading, Writing, and Censorship.” is talking about how an Association that defines censorship as the removal or restricted circulation of educational materials. That is talking about how the Bill of Rights protects our freedom of speech. In the source it is talking about how there are three levels of censorship. First level is talking about how a parent that does not want their kid reading a particular because of the topic of the book might be sensitive to some kids. Next level is talking about how teachers, parents, administrators do not want kids reading a specific book. This is agreeing with the first rule but now teachers and the administrator have a say on it which means it is a high chance that they will not be reading a book about a topic. Last level is talking about how a person who goes in and fights to make a point about something. This is showing if something should be removed you should fight for it to be removed. “One of our recommendations is that if a parent or student does not want to a particular book the student should be given a alternative book.” This quote is saying that if a student or parent feels

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