The Importance Of Censorship In Schools

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Censorship, is the suppression or prohibit of any books that deal with difficult topics. In 2015 there was 320 books banned in America. Some of them were the classics but, because of the topics that were in them, they got banned. One problem about Censorship is Censorship in schools, and libraries. Those are both public places and people should be allowed any book they want. There is no reason for Censorship because: Responsibility of the reader, Reading older context of books doesn’t make it wrong, and people’s personal freedom. If a child goes to their parent and asks them if they can read a book that be a little mature for their age, and the parent says that’s okay then the child should be allowed to read it. Age shouldn’t matter when it comes to reading books. Whether or not the reader is responsible for the book they want matter. Some kids and teenagers have mature minds and can read books with really tough topics. Censorship in schools causes conflict with some students who want to read harder challenging books. In public libraries they should have any book and allow any to read them. The library should expect the reader to be responsible with the book and return it after they are done. If a child gets a book that is way to old for them then their parent should tell them to bring it back if they aren’t mature enough for it. Responsibility of the reader is important; however the next topic is just as equally important. If you read a book that is older it doesn’t

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