The Importance Of Cheating

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Cheating is one of the ultimate signs of betrayal. Whether it be emotional or physical, cheating is cheating. Harvey describes cheating throughout the novel through the lens of women who may not be satisfying their man properly mentally or physically. He insinuates that the “biggest reason of all [are]: there’s always a woman out there willing to cheat with him” (Harvey et al., pg. 105). Not shockingly, Harvey also manages to blame women for “[having] no standards and requirements” and “who suffer from serious self-esteem issues, making themselves willing to cheat and available to be cheated on” (Harvey et al., pg. 106). Although Harvey is partially correct with his theory, there are always people who are willing to step outside of their marriage, and it does not matter if they are male and female, cheating it still cheating. Sadly, the severity of ones actions are not usually recognized until they are either exposed, or have lost everything they have loved around them due to their infidelity. A person who cheats does not necessarily make them a bad person. According to Eric Anderson, the author of “At least with cheating there is an attempt at monogamy: Cheating and Monogamism among Undergraduate, Heterosexual Men,” cheating is a result of couples lacking three different types of monogamy. Each type, physical, desirous, and social monogyny, are determined by how men look at being monogamous and faithful throughout their relationship. First, physical monogamy “is the

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