The Importance Of Christian Worldview

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There are variety of belief and value existence in Christian worldview, which is positive for who believe in diverse Christianity today. People follow different worldviews what they believe and how they influence on their lives. Christian worldview has own concepts and facts about believe in Jesus Christ as a God, where thousands of followers are behind His pathway. I am going to discuss about the God, humanity, and restoration, which elements are strong pillars for Christian worldview.
Christian believe God is a creator of everything that exist in this world. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis1:1). All His creations are beautiful and worthy to be ruled by humans as He gave permission to. He felt and made all necessary items in purposefully manners. He created a garden of Eden as a place to have an inner connection between God and humans (genesis 1:2). There is no other than God that human give tribute to Him because He is the only one, who created this universe, and will salute Him for His beautiful creations. God has different attributes to recognize Him very well by His followers. He is faithful to His promises, he never tries to break our heart. He has a capability of wisdom, which is always rich in source and knowledge. Sometimes it is difficult to understand His level of intelligence to follow as a direction. He is merciful to everyone, He will forgive our sins and mistakes easily, if we acknowledge and turns to Him honestly. He is

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