The Importance Of Citizenship In The United States

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Citizenship is of importance to the majority of nations that exist today. Without the concept of national citizenship, it seems that our perception of our borders would be challenged. Those who are citizens are often granted benefits and assurances that others are not. Typically, citizens have been granted citizenship through birth in the country or parental connection. Many others will apply to become citizens in countries other than their nation of origin through relatively difficult means. In the United States today, the discussion of citizenship is often masked by debates over undocumented individuals entering the country. Rather than engaging in a conversation about what makes up citizenship, the public focuses on questions of illegality and economic benefit. I believe that citizenship in the United States is mostly based in arbitrary matters of luck. Therefore, citizenship is symbolic in nature and should not be the basis for decisions regarding healthcare., Rrather, we should adopt Gillian Brock’s cosmopolitan view of universal justice and disregard theories that favor statism.
To begin, Gillian Brock uses the theory of cosmopolitan justice in order to claim that ‘non-compatriots’ (undocumented immigrants) have a right to healthcare (110). She claims that “every person has global stature as the ultimate unit of moral concern and is therefore entitled to equal respect and consideration no matter what her citizenship status or other affiliations happen to be” (112).

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